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YouTube Vanced APK is 100% SAFE, with its security verified by multiple virus & malware detection engines. You can also scan every update through these platforms, and enjoy it with no worry! YouTube Vanced APK is a modified version of the main YouTube App.

App NameYouTube Vanced APK
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YouTube Vanced


Main Features Of YouTube Vanced APK

YouTube Vanced

Comfortable Interface:

The interface of Vanced YouTube is very friendly. Like legit YouTube, this app has the same menu and content setup. This app consists of 5 tabs – home, explore subscription, inbox, and library. In the YouTube Vanced App users can get all the advanced aspects that are no longer accessible on authentic YouTube.

Background Playback:

Users of Youtube Vanced APK can browse any other material in addition to watching videos and other videos on the app. One of the best features of Vanced Manager is that it allows users to work on multiple tasks simultaneously. Open Vanced YouTube play video music or any different material with the pop-up player, shut the app, and proceed browsing your other apps. The video music or any different material will continue running in the background.

Similar to YouTube Premium:

YouTube Vanced is not YouTube Premium but it offers features that are precisely the same as the premium version. It is the modded version of the authentic version of YouTube.

Every Feature is Free:

In YouTube Vanced APK each single aspect is completely free. Users can enjoy all the premium aspects of this application for free. This wonderful and attractive aspect of Vanced YouTube attracts a massive community of users toward this application.

Ad-Blocking Feature:

This is the first and most exceptional function of Vanced Manager is its ads-blocking feature. It helps its users to block disturbing and annoying ads. So through the usage of this app, users will not get disturbed by the annoying advertisements in the middle of any video. In other words, it is a time-saving function due to the fact that users of the original YouTube Android app can not avoid these advertisements and these ads devour a lot of time. So people have to use YouTube Vanced to save their time and enjoy the brilliant aspects of ReVanced Manager.

Free From Sponsors:

Youtube Vanced is such a kind of application that millions of customers love to use such type of application. Users watch a massive variety of movies on Vanced Manager except any type of sponsors for free. This app is secure and free from all types of sponsorships.

Forced VR mode:

It is a mode in which users take a theatre-like journey on YouTube. So Vanced Manager users enjoy some other level of experience with forced VR mode. In authentic YouTube, this function is not accessible so this is a superb chance and advantage for YouTube Vanced users.

Dislike Button:

This is a wonderful feature due to the fact we can make any of the videos not right for us and after disliking we can minimize the courage of the content creator not to make vulgar videos so that we can supply a protected and safe platform to everyone.

Disable Age restriction:

Users of Youtube Vanced APK can turn off the age restriction. There are some videos on the net that are completely limited through age however Vanced Manager users can without difficulty watch them due to the fact via using this app we can disable age restriction.

The developers and senior XDA participants have created this software by editing the unique YouTube with some special aspects.

Download Material:

YouTube Vanced users can download the content of YouTube. The content can also be video or mp3 in the preferred high-quality to the local storage of the Android phone. In the authentic version, users can no longer download the material immediately from YouTube but Vanced Manager users are facilitated through this excellent feature.

Battery Saving Themes:

The incredible feature of the Vanced App allows users to switch between dark, black, and white themes. The dark and black theme can keep save the phone’s battery greater than 20%. This is interesting due to the fact the official aspects users get bored day by day due to the fact the function of official YouTube is limited. This feature of Vanced ManaGer APK attracts a massive community of its users.

Convert Video to Audio:

In official YouTube, users can not convert the video to audio due to the fact this function is now not available on authentic YouTube. In Vanced Manager users convert a massive variety of videos to audio.

Video segments Highlighted:

The video segments are highlighted, making it easy for users to figure out which part of the video is now playing. It may additionally be the introduction middle of the video or stop of the video. The Vanced Youtube is high-quality and very informative the segments of the video are completely marked. This function attracts a massive community of loving people to this application.

Set Default Tab:

In Youtube Vanced users choose particular tabs to select when they open the application. so that we can open a tab make this tab valid and set the default tab then each time we open the utility we see that tab that we made the default. This is excellent due to the fact this app additionally works as a reminder for its users.

For Both Android and Ios :

Users of devices like IOS and Android can use Vanced Manager Manager. It is not mentioned that the feature of Vanced Manager works better on iPhone or Android however it ought to be the same as on iPhone and Android.

Non-Rooted Devices:

Users of YouTube Vanced APK do not have to root their mobile devices. This application is only available to non-rooted devices. Without any form of modification, YouTube Vanced can be downloaded and installed. People suppose that they can just use Vanced Manager on their rooted device but this is a myth. You can without problems download and install Vanced Manager APK on any Android or any iPhone. Customers can ride its excellent points on their Android and iOS.

Downloading Guide of YouTube Vanced APK

YouTube Vanced APK is the most popular Video app for watching videos without ads and downloading HD Videos, Movies, and Music. YouTube Vanced App Is a very easy-to-use and User-friendly app Click on the download link/button to start downloading the APK free.

Follow These General Steps After Download:

Step 1: First of all you must download Vanced Manager APK from our website. Then  The file will be downloaded in the File Manager,  the file finishes downloading, you can open File Manager and also open the Vanced Manager APK file.

Step 02: Step two is installing the app safely. You recognize as Vanced Manager APK is downloaded from the internet and is not viewed safe, you will have to provide permission to install this app from an unknown source. You may check for an installation from an unknown source in your device’s settings if you’re using a Samsung device. You can then select “Enable Unknown Source Installation From Google Chrome” from that option.

Step 03: Now, it’s your last step. Now definitely open the APK and tap on install. The application will soon be installed, however, it will take some time. Take a seat back, enjoy this program, and follow the instructions below to install YouTube Vanced from Vanced Manager APK.


What is a Vacanced Manager?

It is simply an installer with which you can install YouTube Vanced aicroG and many popular apps. Also, you can discover particular information about new updates and changes

How to update Youtube Vanced Manager?

You can without difficulty update the Vanced Manager APK every time a new version is released. All you have to do is go to our website from Google and download the brand-new version from there.

Can We Use YouTube Vanced on iOS-Apple Devices?

Well, YouTube Vanced is only accessible on Android gadgets but you can continually use an alternative for your Apple devices. You can use YouTube++ on your iOS gadgets except for jailbreak. The use of Cydia Impactor is required for the installation of YouTube++ on iOS. Most aspects of YouTube Vanced are accessible in YouTube++ so you don’t have to worry at all guys.

Final Words

YouTube Vanced APK is an excellent alternative to YouTube which all has the same aspects of authentic YouTube but additionally has some special free premium features. Due to its super aspects, it attracts a massive community of users and now millions of users use this application. I for my part use this application and believe me this is a great from authentic YouTube. If you are tired of the use of professional YouTube and now want to use a different version then we recommend you download and use the Vanced Manager App. You can safely and freely revel in all its features. Here you can Download YouTube Vanced APK for Free. You can safely and free download it from our website and you can update it whenever from our website due to the fact we provide a modern version of Youtube Vanced APK to our users regularly.